• Client
    Symphony Housing, Contour Housing, Local Authority
  • Project cost
    £4.2 million
  • Location
    Fallowfield, Manchester

Design of new apartments for the elderly (Extra Care Lite)

We have been appointed as architects on a design and build contract to provide 40 apartments for the elderly with specialist on-site support (extra care lite) on a brownfield site. The Extra Care Lite scheme provides an innovative excellent level of care in a residential setting and has landscaped courtyard features.

Key features

  • Establishing a clear Client Brief. This was particularly important as this development was one of the first of its kind.
  • Allowing freedom of resident movement/containment.
  • Providing hygiene/durability.
  • Offering homely environment.
  • Protecting personal dignity/personal frailment.
  • Identifying risks to the project, innovating and mitigating risks. For example, density and planning concerns, Revit 3D models engaged all stakeholders.
  • Establishing a pragmatic, sustainable and solutions focused fire strategy for the core and cluster model. This lead to developing a new fire strategy concept for this type of building.
  • Providing less carbon emissions and less waste. Care homes in the past have not been green buildings and have been expensive to heat.
  • Supporting the local authority to realise the benefits of Extra Care Lite.
  • Low maintenance and low life cycle costs.


The Extra Care Lite scheme will provide 40 individual apartments designed in line with the Happi principles for elderly persons, who have an excellent place to live with all the necessary care and support. We successfully value engineered all aspects of the design to make sure the design remained solutions focused. A smarter procurement delivered significant savings.

We exceeded the key project principals and objectives set out at the beginning and added value by working collaboratively in 3D modelling with the client throughout the design development.

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