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In the Spotlight: Interview with Neima Michael

What is your role at BTP?

I joined BTP on Nov 2018 as an Architect. My role at the practice involves designing, modelling and detailing from feasibility to construction stages. 

What drew you to BTP in the first place?

I wanted to work with a company which was well established in the conservation and housing sector, as this was an area where I was lacking in experience. This intrigued my curiosity to know more about BTP. Moreover, the firm’s motto of keeping a healthy work-life balance helped me make my final decision to join the practice. 

What has been your favourite project at BTP?

I have only been with BTP for a year, so it is difficult to pick that one project which I can truly call my favourite. But some of the Court and Prison projects that I have had the opportunity to work for Ministry of Justice after joining BTP has been a huge learning curve for me personally. 

If you weren’t an Architect, what would you do?

My interest in Art and Craft and growing up in Dubai where innovation in architecture is just another day in true Dubai lifestyle, influenced my career choice in Architecture. If I wasn’t an Architect, I would have definitely been involved with Animal care and rehabilitation.

What might someone be surprised to know about you?

One thing about me that might surprise someone would be that I love gardening. I find gardening in many ways healthy, beautiful and meditative. I find the process of nurturing a seed from a speck of dust into a mature plant very rewarding. I have even gone to the extreme where I have tried to cross-pollinate species and sometime even refer to them as my babies.

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