In the Spotlight - Interview with Kerry Dragon

What is your role at BTP?

I started working at BTP in early June, only a couple weeks after submitting my final masters’ project at the Manchester School of Architecture. Although most of my friends found the idea of starting work right away a little crazy, I just wanted to get the next step of my career going. 

As a Part 2 Architectural Assistant, my main role is support all of our design teams with ongoing projects. These tasks include assisting lead architects with running projects, modelling, contract administration, liaising with clients or consultants and the occasional coffee run of course. 

What drew you to BTP in the first place?

BTP’s commitment to tackle the current housing crisis in the UK and its socially orientated design strategies are in line with my architectural focus and hence made it a perfect fit for me. Plus, after visiting the office for an interview and meeting the team I realized I would definitely get along with them all.  There is a strong sense of community in the office.

What has been your favourite project at BTP?

Even though I’ve only been at BTP for 4 months, I have been fortunate enough to work on a number of interesting projects which makes it hard to pick a favourite one.  Some of the most notable ones would have to be Crab Street and Devonshire Road. These were the first 2 projects I played a major role in masterplan design and was able to add some personal touches. 

If you weren’t an Architect, what would you do?

It would have to be something music related! During university my back up plan was if I failed my course I would start DJ’ing full time. I’ve always enjoyed finding and listening to new music, especially if it was a genre I hadn’t heard before or from an unexpected artist. I may have had an undergrad’ radio show at one point…but I won’t confirm or deny. 

What might someone be surprised to know about you?

Well for starters it’s always funny to see people’s facial reaction when they realise my last name is ‘Dragon.’ Another surprise is that I was born in Cuba and then grew up in Grenada. I also have a band called Manaku. Although we don’t meet up as often, when we do we still have a good jam session. 

Kerry on lead vocals with Manaku.

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