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BTP overcomes challenges to deliver 32 new affordable homes

BTP worked with contractor Tyson to deliver 32 new homes for affordable rent at Marshall's Cross in St Helens for client Livv Housing.

The project is a good example of what can be achieved under the guise of 'affordable' housing, providing high quality, desirable homes within tight budget constraints.

This was an extremely challenging project with the site having a steep topography and part of the site being in Flood Zone 3.

The ecological appraisal also identified the presence of water voles using the watercourse as a ‘commuting route’.

BTP’s innovative response was to design around all the constraints to provide an appealing arrangement of dwellings which wrap around a new access road and a large flood attenuation area.  This forms attractive green space, which enhances and promotes biodiversity, whilst also offering fabulous views from the houses.

A developable plateau had to be formed from the steep sloping site to enable a viable development and one that also satisfied the exacting Flood Zone requirements, achieved by a significant cut and fill exercise and installation of substantial retaining walls.

BTP Director, Manuel Atkinson commented: “We are delighted to have worked with Tyson Construction and Livv Housing on such a rewarding project that provides much needed high quality affordable housing whilst regenerating the local area."

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