A more transparent planning process is great news

It was in August 2017 that I wrote in 24housing that I believed the planning process needed to be speeded up, overhauled and general brought up to date with the serious demand for more homes.

Just six months later and, it would seem, the Government agrees.

I welcome the news that the Prime Minister has launched new planning rules to get England delivering homes for everyone.

‘Fast-tracking’ planning applications for first time buyers is moving in the right direction. Focusing on delivering the home build rather than the approval is a better mechanism to measure delivery.

Pushing for brownfield sites over greenbelt will provide delivery and sustainable regeneration which will turn the less desirable inner city areas and suburbs into thriving communities.

However, maximising density needs careful consideration.

We do not need to repeat the urban grain of the past; the garden city ideology of the 1960s and 70s, which led to a brutalist type of architecture and overcrowded ‘ghettos.’

Let’s take the lessons of the past and get it right this time!

I welcome the news that ‘new housing quality standards’ are coming in.

We are leaders in housing design and in designing quality homes that will stand the test of time and are well versed in all design and space standards – and, if you’ll forgive the pun – we’ll build on that.

A more transparent planning process is great news to transform paper architecture into reality.

Vicky Saunders, Managing Director (as published in 24 Housing 06.03.2018)

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