Hale Methodist Church

  • Client
    Great Places Housing Group
  • Project cost
    £1.26 million
  • Location
    South Manchester

Church redevelopment

We acted as architects on a design and build contract to redevelop Hale Methodist Church to provide new apartments for shared ownership and a community facility. The project was to provide six new apartments for shared ownership and a new community facility for Hale Methodists.

Key features

  • Establishing a clear Client Brief. This was particularly important as the various user groups had specific needs in this development which included pre-schools, adult learning, worship and lunchtime clubs.
  • Designing a multi-function space compliant with the requirements for all funding stakeholders, for example, HCA, and also to meet the needs of the user group.
  • Identifying risks to the project, then innovating and mitigating risks. For example: reuse of the stained glass windows and retention of part of the facade.
  • Establishing a pragmatic, sustainable, and solutions focused development which is easy for the tenants to live in and responds to the needs of users of the community rooms to address fuel poverty.
  • Less carbon emissions and less waste.
  • Supporting the local authority in providing excellent services.
  • Low maintenance and low life cycle costs.


We delivered the service within a tight time frame and limited budget. We successfully value engineered all aspects of the design to ensure it was always solutions focused. A smarter procurement delivered significant savings.

We exceeded the key project principals and objectives set out at the beginning and added value by:

  • Exceeding the Code for sustainable homes 'very good' scores.
  • Successfully managing risk of the retention of original features by working closely and collaboratively with the specialists.
  • Designing excellent places to live which have been delivered on site.
  • Providing a low maintenance building for the community with long life cycles for the components.

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