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"I felt guided and cared for during my first couple of months and noticed how I gradually became more independent and confident throughout the year."

Farah Arar

Part 1 Architectural Assistant Back

I have learned a lot working as a Part 1 architectural assistant at BTP this past year and enjoyed myself too!

Why BTP?
  • BTP places important emphasis on the client, and values the communication taking place in the design process. I think this brings out the best results and a clear design process.
  • BTP uses BIM (Building Information Modelling) at an advanced level, allowing the architects to design and add information in 3D, making our ideas easier to deliver, read and build compared to the traditional 2D method.
  • As a Part one Architectural Assistant, being in a small sized firm helped me gain more insight into the projects from a holistic point of view, going on site visits and dealing with the design in a more ‘hands on’ method, rather than being an observer; which is something I imagine happens in larger firms. I had more responsibilities which is simultaneously a challenging and a rewarding experience.
  • BTP is heavily involved in the housing and conservation sectors. These count as two of the most important fields in UK’s architecture industry.
Development and skills
  • I gained better technical skills in Revit (BIM), becoming quicker, more efficient, and knowledgeable about the software.
  • I was given tasks involving communication with a professional design team. At first, this was intimidating, but with time and practice, I became more confident and able to carry out important tasks that require emailing, phoning or meeting up with suppliers, clients and other team members. It is fulfilling to be able to play an active role and be a team member in important projects such as housing schemes and large masterplans.
  • Due to the number of projects running in the office, I had to develop an ability to prioritise and manage my tasks. I think this is one of the most important skills a Part one can gain throughout their year in industry. This not only helped me finish my tasks on time, but also allowed me to have a clearer mind and focus on the task at hand in a place where projects are being juggled around.
  • I got a taste of the massive detailing that goes on before the construction process. I had a look at the building regulations and filled out knowledge gaps that I had in my undergraduate years.
What it is like
  • As a Part one, being comfortable to ask questions and understand the office protocol was my priority at the start of the year. Fortunately, my colleagues were always ready to help out, especially when I got stuck or needed some clarification about certain projects. I felt guided and cared for during my first couple of months and noticed how I gradually became more independent and confident throughout the year. Looking back, I see a clear difference with my current knowledge and skill set compared to last year.
  • BTP has a really good work / life balance. They are keen on making the best out of time in and out of the office. This year I really enjoyed running with the team after work and participating in Manchester’s Half Marathon. There were also a couple of social get together and trips (Snowdonia) planned throughout the year.
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